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Meet Resound

Kevin Neely

Kevin Neely

CEO / President

Kevin lives in south Nashville, with his beautiful wife Brandy & son Caleb. He has been involved in everything from the HealthCare industry to Christian Music and has produced videos, websites and most anything Digital Marketing.

"I love anything media related and love meeting and working with people who have a passion to make a difference." - Kevin​

"I started out with a degree in Broadcasting and Communications and a dream to move to Nashville TN to record and produce music. I spent several years working in some of the best studios on Music Row and in the Nashville area, but began to feel there was more I could do with my background. 

I realized that, in today's world, marketing is simply the taking of multiple media and messages and combining them into one cohesive message. Working for myself and several other companies along the way, I came to understand how to best form that message that makes your product or company reverberate with your customer." - Kevin

Kevin Family Picture

One of the things that makes Resound Marketing Group unique is their ability walk the line between creative and business minded. Meaning often times creative folks can make a beautiful picture or message, but have no concept of the cost of the process or the overall goal of the specific piece. And many times business minded folks love the analytics and the data, but aren't able to combine that info with the need to craft a message that resonates with the customer and creates an avenue for the potential customer to easily convert into a paying customer. Kevin and the team at RMG have a great sense of what that balance is and how to achieve the BEST of both worlds. 

If you are in he position of realizing that you need help getting your product or message out to the marketplace, then Resound Marketing Group might just be the perfect place for you! Reach out for a free consultation or even just a quick chat. We are not a high pressure sales organization, we look for folks we thing we can help and want to take their product or business to the next level. 

Kevin, Brandy & Caleb at Graceland

Kevin with his wife Brandy and son Caleb visiting Elvis' Graceland Mansion.
(Kevin and Caleb are pretty big Elvis fans . . . Brandy is just along for the ride 😉)

Bella the lady guard dog

Bella is the lady guard dog of the house. Since Caleb is (and will remain) the only child, he affectionately refers to Bella as "Sister".

Kevin and Caleb with Batmobile

A great quote Kevin shares is "Aways be yourself . . . unless you can be Batman . . . then be Batman!" K&C got to see a replica of the iconic 1988 Batman movie Bat mobile at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green Ky.


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Team conversation with Kevin
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