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Worship Audio Workshop

A live workshop focused on the "why" of worship audio.

Tuesday May 30th @ 7PM (CST)

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Presented by Kevin Neely,
Audio Engineer w/30 years in the field of live event & recording studio audio production.

Join us for this live virtual event on May 30, 2023. Learn the thought and methodology behind WHY we mix audio the way we do for worship. This 1 hour event will share goals of a great worship mix, the "wall of sound" philosophy, mixing lead vocals and the band and more.

Use promo code: WORSHIP when you register to save $30

Do you struggle with the following issues?

Worship Mix Doesn't Sound Good?

People Say They Can't Understand The Words?

The Band Is Too Loud!

I know how it feels to struggle with wanting to create the best experience, but not know what the expectations are for your church. I have helped many engineers just like you operate their sound system more successfully.

In this workshop we will cover


Avoid being stuck in the same loop of disappointing sound during your weekly Worship Services

Never again have:

  • Poor sounding worship services

  • Complaints from attendees

  • Disappointed leadership

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